It is the responsibility of Learners and prospective clients to ensure that a Learning Provider is accredited.

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        The listing of providers accredited with INSETA, supplied on this site is updated monthly and the currency of a Provider's Accreditation needs to be verified accordingly.

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        In terms of the Skills Development Act, employers who participate in learnership schemes are entitled to learnership allowances that they can deduct from their taxable income.

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        The listing of Assessors and Moderators registered with INSETA..

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The Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA) is looking to assist in funding 50 students nationally to obtain an NQF registered professional designation. This is for individuals employed in the insurance or related sectors and registered to write Board Exams between 1 April 2018 and 1 February 2019. Criteria: - Candidate must be permanently employed in insurance or related services sector and - Must be Black (African, Coloured, Indian) - Employer must be duly registered with INSETA, have submitted WSP for the 2018/19 financial year and be up to date with levies, if applicable Enquiries to be sent to Fatima Fakier at FPI on or to

Candidates must first create a profile before registering.

INSETA 18-month Work Experience Opportunity (INTERNSHIP)

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Dear INSETA Stakeholder

Kindly be advised of our Call Centre services that will no longer be in use, effective from 01 October 2018. The following number will therefore no longer exist 08611300013. Stakeholders can be assured of INSETA’s continued excellent service delivery in assisting with the day to day queries.

The following information can be utilised until further notice. Stakeholders are requested to dial the specified extension for matters pertaining to the following

Type of query Telephone and Ext Person
ETQA: (certificates or credits) 011 381 8900 ext. 8955/8917 Miranda/Kate
ETQA: (Accreditation) 011 381 8900 ext. 8934 Unathi
Learnerships 011 381 8900 ext. 8903/8933/8922 Akhona/Phumelele/Athi
Internships 011 381 8900 ext. 8911/8951 Lavern/Katlego
Skills Programmes for youth 011 381 8900 ext. 8946 Siphiwe
Bursaries for workers 011 381 8900 ext. 8945 Sandisiwe
SDF Registrations/ WSP queries 011 381 8900 ext. 8936 Bongi Malinga
Other 011 381 8900 Reception

You can also find our full staff list on -

Fit and Proper Determination (Board Notice 194 of 2017)

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Preparation Guides

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Dear Valued Stakeholder

After receiving several complaints from stakeholders regarding the inaccuracy of the RE (FAIS) materials, a decision has been made to withdraw the materials from the INSETA website

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Pivotal Skills List 1 August 2017

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Sector Skills Plan (01 August 2017)

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OFO Codes Version 15
Date Posted : 05 February 2016

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