ETQA Functions | Teach Out Period Qualifications

The teach out period for a qualification applies only to learners who have accessed the qualification embarked on a programme of study leading to the qualification, before the expiry date of the qualification (existing learners). It does not apply to any new learners who wish to access the qualification after the registration end date. The Teach out period for an existing expiring qualification is not dependent upon if and when a new qualification is registered.

In normal circumstances, a qualification which has or is being replaced by another qualification cannot be re-registered. The point is that the sector responsible for generating the qualification, has decided that the old qualification no longer serves its purpose and needs to be amended or completely revised and replaced by a new qualification. The only time that consideration to such a re-registration could be considered is if it could be proved that the old qualifications serves a different need to the new one and that there is not a significant overlap between them. This is highly unlikely as the review process is thoroughly done and includes all the stakeholders involved.

Learners must ensure that, if they wish to be awarded a qualification, that they have enrolled for it during its registration period and that they have completed it before the Teach out period is up.