About Inseta


A skilled and capable insurance and related services workforce


In working towards a skilled tomorrow, INSETA is built on these values:

Partner to enable others

Through forming strategic partnerships, we provide innovative skills training and educational solutions.

INSETA values our people, and aim to always be an employer of choice.
In working closely and collaborating with our stakeholders, INSETA is able to enhance training and education.

Lead with Vision

INSETA aims to guide the industry through the development of contemporary solutions. We believe in listening, learning, influencing and shaping.

Deliver quality

INSETA believes in results for real impact and value for investment in training and education.

Touch lives

We touch lives by making a difference and in doing so, leave an enduring legacy.

Inspire trust

Through working with transparency, consistency, reliability and accountability, INSETA inspires trust with its stakeholders and partners.

Strategic Goals

INSETA has set the following strategic learning goals focused on all levels of employment within the insurance sector:

A credible institutional mechanism for skills planning.

Increased access to occupationally directed programmes.

Better use of workplace-based skills development.

Training and support provided to Sector Cooperatives, Small Enterprises and NGO’s.

Effective established career and vocational guidance channels.

Promoting the growth of a public FET system that is responsive to sector, local regional and national skills priorities.

Organisational Effectiveness.

Fraud Prevention Hotline: 080 000 5317