Quality Assurance (ETQA)

Quality AssuranceĀ (ETQA)

The core function of the Quality Assurance division includes accrediting skills development providers for legacy qualifications, the registration of assessors and moderators, the verification of learning, and awarding learnersā€™ certificates.

ETQA facilitates a seamless relationship between learner, assessor and moderators, and providers, ensuring that relevant, nationally and internationally benchmarked education is provided.

INSETA works with industry stakeholders to develop and review qualifications and unit standards through INSQA-directed projects allowing the sector to receive access to SAQA NQF registered qualifications.

The teach out period for a qualification applies only to learners who have accessed the qualification embarked on a programme of study leading to the qualification, before the expiry date of the qualification.

It does not apply to any new learners who wish to access the qualification after the registration end date. The Teach out period for an existing but expiring qualification is not dependent upon if and when a new qualification is registered.

Learners must ensure that, if they wish to be awarded a qualification, that they have enrolled for it during its registration period and that they have completed it before the Teach out period is up.

The following are re-registered qualifications with SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) on 18 November 2008

Qualifications that have expired and will be phased out

RPL Tool

SAQA Qualifications Notification Reports

SAQA NLRD ID Level Qualification Title
57917 4 TVET certificate: Wealth Management

ETQA Reviews and updates our list of accredited learning providers monthly to maintain the highest standard of learning.

Download the latest list of accredited learning providers below.

Please note: Learning providers that are not accredited may provide non-accredited learning but will not have access to upload learner data or credits on the INSETA database. INSETA cannot be responsible for any providers that are used outside this listing.

Accredited learning providers may be granted access to learning materials if they hold scope for the relevant qualification by completing and submitting the application form:

INSETA has developed specialised learning material, please see application forms below.


Public Higher Learning Institutions partnerships and competency building

INSETA aims to promote the growth of a public higher learning institution through creating a sector system that is responsive to the insurance sector, local, regional and national skills needs and priorities.

Strategic outcomes

  1. Programme approval awarded to public TVET colleges, Universities of Technology (UOT), and public universities.
  2. TVET Lecturers developed to support the implementation of INSETA programmes.
  3. TVET, OUTs and University graduates supported to access workplaces through learnerships, internships and work integrated learning (WIL).
  4. Support youth to obtain scarce and critical qualifications through bursaries.
  5. Forge partnerships with TVET, UOTs and Universities and industry to provide career guidance to support career progression and attract new entrants into the sector.
  6. Establish class of business training centres at INSETA accredited TVET colleges from 2019.

How can you get involved?

Pledge your support.

Volunteer to host a TVET lecturer at your workplace for two weeks of insurance exposure. Volunteer to host students at your workplace for learnerships, internships, and WIL programmes Sponsorships for college development Supporting colleges by providing guest lecturers who are subject matter experts. Promotion of insurance on career days at Public Higher learning institutions.

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