INSETAs skills division focuses on Research and Sector Skills Plans (SSP) as well as on mandatory and discretionary grants.

INSETA engages with our stakeholders on essential skills development research for the insurance sector.

Some of our key stakeholders are:

Associations of Savings and Investment of South Africa (ASISA)
South African Insurance Association (SAIA)
Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA) Black Brokers Forum (BBF
Association for Black Insurance Brokers (ABIB)
Insurance Institute of South Africa Institute of Loss Adjusters Actuarial
Society of South Africa (ASSA)
Financial Planning Institute (FPI) Principal Officers Association (POA)
Association for Black Actuaries (ASABA)
Institute of Risk Managers South Africa (IRMSA)
South African Underwriting Managers Association (SAUMA)
Underwriters Managers Association (UMA)
Funeral Assistance Business (FAB) South African Federation of Burial Societies (SAFOBS)
Burial Societies of South Africa (BUSOSA)
Board of Healthcare Funders
Financial Services Board (FSB) Council for Medical Aid Schemes
National Treasury

Skills Development Facilitator’s Code of Good Conduct



Scarce Skills List 2020-21

Confirmation of Core Business Practice

Employers who do not have a Financial Service Provider (FSP) license will need to complete this form and attached in the company Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) uploads section

Confirmation of Core Business practice – 2020

Sector Skills PlanĀ 

It is a pleasure to present the Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority
(INSETA) Sector Skills Plan (SSP) for 2020-2025. The SSP is updated with new
information and insights.

Sector Skills Plan

Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) System Manuals

WSP – ATR manuals for Small firm

WSP-ATR manuals for Medium and Large Firms

Fraud Prevention Hotline: 080 000 5317