Schematic Process Flow

Qualification Development – Learner Certification

Development/Re-Alignment of Qualifications

Accreditation of Assessment/Venues


  1. Develop Guidelines on the Writing of Assessments for final or External Summative.
  2. Learners Attend Classes in line with Roll-Out Plan and all Administrative Activities Completed.
  3. Learners are Registered at QCTO (Indicium) as Active Learners in the Program.
  4. Learners Complete Tasks/Activities and Collect Evidence (theory, practical, workplace) During Training.
  5. Learners are Required to Write a Mock Assessment as part of Qualifying to be Registered as Final Exam Candidates.
  6.  Learners are Issued with QCTO Assessment Permits containing Assessment Details (venue, date, time, candidate number etc.)
  7.  An Invigilation Schedule is Drawn, Invigilators are Appointed, Trained and Allocated to Assessment Venues to Consuct Invigilation.
  8. Assessment Instruments are Distributed to Assessment Centres for Safe-Keeping until Assessment Day.
  9. Assessments take place and Candidates Submit Scripts to Invigilator after Assessment Schedule.
  10.  Assessment Centre Distributes Completed Assessment Scripts back to Inseta.
  11. Inseta Appoints Assessors and Moderators to Adjudicate Assessments.
  12. Assessment Moderation Panel Approves Final Assessment Results & Submitted to QCTO for issuing of Certificates.
  13. Learners are alerted of the Final Assessment Results:
    • Certification
    • Graduation
    • Re-Assessments
    • Re-Enrolments